Pelosi Lied

As usual:

While Nancy Pelosi is now dodging a request from C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb to open up House-Senate negotiations over the final version of the health-care bill so C-SPAN’s cameras can show them to the public, back in July she pledged she would give the public an “ample amount of time” to read the final bill before brining it to a vote.

At a July 9 press briefing,’s Nicholas Ballasy asked Pelosi: “Minority Leader Boehner has taken a pledge that he will not vote for a health care bill that he hasn’t read, that he hasn’t had a chance to read in its entirety or until it’s available to the public online for 72 hours. Will you take that pledge–a similar pledge and encourage other members to take it?”

In response, Pelosi did not pledge to post the bill online for 72 hours, but did pledge to give the public “ample time” to get to know the legislation.

Of course, our liberals will find new definitions for “ample” as required. But this is just like Pelosi’s pledge to have the most honest Congress, ever: just another lie, designed to sound good for a news cycle and then on to leftist policy and plundering the people.