Kentucky Bishop Calls for Pelosi to be Denied Communion

Which, for those of you who are not Catholic, is a recognition that Pelosi has excommunicated herself from the Church – and do note that: its not her being excommunicated, but an acknowledgment of her self-excommunication:

Speaking with (LSN) after the Vigil for Life Mass last week, Lexington Bishop Ronald Gainer said that the Church has been “patient enough” with outspokenly pro-abortion Catholic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

LSN questioned Bishop Gainer on whether Pelosi should be denied communion due to her public stance as a ‘pro-choice’ Catholic. While acknowledging that it was up to her local bishop, the Lexington prelate did say that “something should be done.”

Pelosi’s latest salvo claiming to support abortion and yet be a faithful Catholic came in a December Newsweek interview. “I am a practicing Catholic,” she said, while suggesting that this made the U.S. bishops uncomfortable. “I practically mourn this difference of opinion,” she said regarding her conflict with the Church over abortion, “because I feel what I was raised to believe is consistent with what I profess, and that is that we are all endowed with, a free will and a responsibility to answer for our actions.” She added: “And that women should have that opportunity to exercise their free will.”

Reacting to Pelosi’s stance, Bishop Gainer said, “to make these public statements is a betrayal of our Catholic faith and discipline.” The bishop noted that her position was a “contradiction” and stressed that “our Church is clear on what the teachings are regarding the sanctity of life, on the inviolability of human life.”

On the question of denying Pelosi communion for her betrayals, Bishop Gainer said he understood that such actions on the part of the Church are often spun to make a martyr of those denied communion, by falsely painting the Church as being heavy-handed.

Nevertheless, he said, “the bishops have an obligation to stand up for the Church’s teaching and when we have such a broad and public consistent denial of our Church’s moral position it would seem to indicate that we’ve been patient enough and something should be done.”

Everyone should also note that it is, indeed, up to Pelosi’s Bishop to make the call – it must be understood that in spite of what critics believe, the Catholic Church is neither monolithic nor dictatorial. The reason it is left up to the local Bishop in these matters is because it is felt – correctly – that the man on the ground (as it were) will have the best understanding of the totality of the issue. The weakness of the system, of course, is that we some times get Bishops who are unwilling to challenge people who persistently violate Church teaching and yet claim to be Catholic.

If Pelosi is ever denied communion by her Bishop it will, naturally, be spun as her being persecuted by a hidebound Church – but the reality is that just as one doesn’t really get damned by God, one doesn’t really get excommunicated by the Church. Its all in the personal choice – people decide to refuse salvation, people decide to reject the Church. All that anyone else does is recognize the choice having been made.

Pelosi is perfectly free to believe as she wishes – but to be a Catholic requires acceptance of certain, basic beliefs. Its not hard – we are pro-life. From conception until natural death, no one has just cause for taking an innocent life…and even a guilty life should only be taken at extreme need. Pelosi is flat wrong when she claims her views are consistent with Church teaching – and she’s either a bald faced liar, or a complete fool for making such a claim.

We all have our choices to make in life – Pelosi has made hers. We should recognize it.

UPDATE: Pro-lifers massively outnumber pro-abortion people in San Francisco demonstration. Come on, liberals, you can do this – you can reject abortion. I promise that if you do so you can still be in favor of massive spending and you may even continue to think of President Bush as Chimpy McSmirk BusHitler…you’ll only be giving up despair and death.