Congratulations, New Orleans Saints!

Just wanted to send out our congratulations – great season, great game!


Sorry I was remiss on the writing, guys and gals, but we had the party last night and after four or five beers, I’m probably not in shape for political discourse…

Sarah Palin’s TEA Party speech on You Tube.

Sarah Palin: Smarter than her opponents.

The GOP is encouraging new comers to run for office – a smart, but risky move. Smart because it brings new blood in and taps voter anger with the political maching; risky because you might get the odd bad apple in there…

Gore Vidal called a “crackpot”…read to find out who, apparently, was the last person on earth to figure this out.

Following the money on Climategate.

Climategate – a failure of Old Media journalism.

Mark Steyn: “The president tells us, with a straight face, that his grossly irresponsible profligate wastrel of a predecessor took the federal budget on an eight-year joyride, so the only way his sober, fiscally prudent successor can get things under control is to grab the throttle and crank it up to what Mel Brooks in Spaceballs (which seems the appropriate comparison) called ‘Ludicrous Speed.'”

And the Saints win it by 7.

UPDATE: The Tebow ad. Leftist, pro-abortion people are idiots, ya know?