A US Soldier Needs Our Help

Michael Yon brings to our attention this case:

TUSR has followed this case since its inception, and, based on available facts, we have openly advocated for redress for the captain. Bjork will face trial on murder charges. Bjork’s sister Erica sums the situation up: “[C]arl was sent back to the States and was told that he was under investigation for a double murder that occurred during his 2006-2007 deployment in Hit, Al Anbar Province, Iraq. His accusers, who are the only witnesses/evidence in this alleged crime, are four disgraced former Iraqi police who are imprisoned for the murder of two Iraqi civilians – believed to be Iraqi al queda.[sic]”

According to Erica, the captain was not present at the alleged murder—“He simply trained the Iraqi police as part of his duty.”

Not much is really known, apart from that. We do know those who grew up with or fought with Bjork hold him in the highest regard. A Facebook group formed to support Bjork has grown to 7, 983 members.

It is absurd the lengths the military lawyers will go to in their quest to seem so ultra-fair to the enemy. Its a war – in war, bad things happen. To take the word of a couple non-US personnel and use it to gin up a murder charge against a US soldier who was risking his life in a combat zone is just insanity. Our troops are not war criminals no matter how much the American and global left wants to pretend otherwise – massive benefit of the doubt should always be given to our men and women of the armed forces and only with the most clear and compelling evidence of wrongdoing should an investigation be launched.

As the linked article goes on to note, this case seems to revolve around an Iraqi officer who once did good things but then strayed off the path and got himself in trouble with the Iraqi government over corruption and other charges – and seems to be trying to lay blame on Bjork for some of his misdeeds. A confused situation coming out of confused military situation – not the place for cut and dried things such as murder charges, even if Bjork had been present at the murders, which appears not to be the case.

Anways, there is a defense fund set up and I hope that everyone will kick in a bit – and it is high time we started treating our soldiers as the heroes they are, and stopped giving official weight to every stupid accusation leveled against them.