Out and About on a Monday Morning

Balancing our budget: a necessity, and a rather easy thing to do. Think “2004”.

China’s corrupt oligarch’s seem to be itching for a show down with the US. I like this article as its the first one I’ve seen which understands that the analogy between US/China relations 2010 is the relations between Germany/UK in 1910. It’d be a terrible thing, if China presses the issue – they’d lose, and lose rather badly, but things like this can end up as WWIII.

Planned Parenthood, Girl Scouts – doing things which should get one arrested, but in liberal-land get one a government grant.

Post-racial Obama backs racial preferences. What? You’re surprised?

Interview with Karl Rove. You know, liberals, he’s smarter than Obama, Hillary and Pelosi put together.

American heroes. Lots and lots of them.

America hates patronizing dimwits who would spend their money and push them around, thus making liberalism very unpopular.