Saturday Health Care Open Thread

ObamaCare has racial preferences – because nothing a Democrat does can leave off picking over the bones of racism.

Make it a roll call vote – after all, if Democrats in favor are proud of the effort, they should have no problem being very public about it, right?

Pelosi was against “Deem and Pass” before she was for it.

Hammering Pelosi on her use of Catholicism to pass the bill: is she just ignorant, or cynical? It seems this lady either didn’t pay attention to the sisters who educated her, or she’s just being rather dishonest.

The abortion problem.

Attempting to conscript Catholicism for Obamacare – amazing how liberals hold us in utter contempt, but so eagerly attempt to bamboozle Catholics in to supporting their efforts…almost as if they know that what they do is immoral, and they want cover.

UPDATE: Constitutional challenges to ObamaCare.

UPDATE II: The bribe list.

UPDATE III: Obama at 56% disapproval.

UPDATE IV: A bit of good news – ACORN going broke.

You can stop Obamacare!