What I Saw at the Revolution

Just back from Searchlight and our crackerjack tech team is working on the raw footage I took. We’ll have that up as soon as possible.

When I arrived in Searchlight at about 9:30 am, the line of cars waiting to get in to the site (which is no more than a cleared field in the desert right outside of Searchlight) stretched back more than a mile from the gate. Initially, the police were advising that anyone who parked on the shoulder would be ticketed and towed…but by the time a thousand or so people had engaged in a grand act of civil disobedience, those threats vanished. Bottom line – cars were packed in tight for a couple miles away from the gate. Got that? People parked their car and walked a mile or two to get in.

I have no count of the number of people who came but it greatly exceeded 10,000, and one unofficial estimate I heard was of 30,000. People just kept pouring in – at no time from the moment I arrived to the time I left (after Palin’s speech) was the road in clear…scores of people arriving every minute, for about three and a half hours.

The crowd ranged from infants to extreme elderly. Everyone was in a good mood and in spite of a diligent search for hatred and/or racism, I failed to detect even the slightest indicator of such. Either the haters stayed away, or the false-flag lefties who pretend to be hateful TEA Party activists didn’t want to make the trip out to the middle of the Nevada outback.

These are the folks. Just regular Americans – no one special. The backbone of our nation showed up and let their beliefs be heard.

Naturally, Sarah Palin generated a great deal of excitement. She gave a rousing speech which was received with frequent, thunderous applause as she outlined the crucial issues – whether or not we, the people, will control our own destiny. The strongest sensation regarding her appearance is that if she wants to run for President in 2012, she’ll not lack for enthusiastic volunteers.

As for the overall effect of the demonstration – it was astounding. I tried to record some video of the trip out to give an impression of just how “middle of nowhere” this place is. To say its off the beaten track is to put it mildly. And yet many thousands of people – on their own time and dime – took it upon themselves to make the long trip. This is an indicator of the depth of feeling of these patriots.

They will not fail. This sort of courage and determination will not be denied – and it certainly won’t be beaten by the corrupt, political machine headed up by Obama, Reid and Pelosi (aptly described as the three stooges on one sign). The left will hurl their invective; the elite will show their contempt – but in the voting booth, this November, these people will be heard.

UPDATE: Picture of the crowd about half an hour before Palin arrived. Please note the people still arriving – it was like that for hours, non stop.

UPDATE II: Fox News reports “more than 10,000”.

UPDATE III: MSM reports are up to 20,000 attended.

UPDATE IV: We finally got video up.

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