Hannity Puts Out His Plan

Pulling no punches:

The GOP needs to continue to oppose Obama on every front, vocally and without fear. It needs to offer market-based solutions to liberalism’s command-and-control economy. And it needs to do what some of us have been doing since the beginning of this administration, which is to say and to show that Barack Obama is the most radical president we have ever laid eyes on. Republicans need to point out, with the intellectual force and personal charm that characterized Mr. Reagan, that Mr. Obama is a threat to the things we most cherish, the principles our country was founded on, and the documents that gave birth to this country.

If some might have found this indictment overstated and melodramatic a year ago, that is no longer true. America has lived under Obama for 14 months now, and that experience has been a harsh teacher. We now know what we are dealing with. And the American people, in growing numbers, want to hit the reset button. Out of this a conservative victory will emerge — and a new political era will dawn.

It does seem to be working – don’t attack Obama, the man, but relentlessly attack everything he’s doing. He’s a nice guy. He’s good looking. His daughters are his crowing glory. Nothing much to hit at there, even if one wishes to eschew being a gentleman. But on what he does, there is room and to spare to hit hard and keep on hitting.

ObamaCare. Cap and Trade. Card Check. Iranian nuclear weapons. Insults to Israel. Corporate bail outs. Unemployment. Pork spending. This is a target-rich environment – and a list of particulars which can be used to appeal right across from conservative Republican to libertarian Independent to disaffected Democrat.

We have the materials ready to hand – we can craft a message and campaign which will score us an immense victory in November and set the stage for an even larger victory in 2012. Have we the courage to do it? Time will tell – but I really think we’re on to something.