Out and About on a Wednesday Morning

If the economy is improving, then why do State revenues continue to collapse?

I feel safer, already – Sarkozy and Obama teaming up to deal with Iran. Kinda like sending the Boy Scouts in to clear out a biker gang. I think we’ve rather missed our chance in dealing with Iran – there was a window of opportunity when sanctions/blockade/targeted aerial attacks in escalation could have done the trick. Now, all we seem to be going for is some rather toothless sanctions – and at a time when even military operations might not deter the Mullahs. We might be heading for a long, terrorist-violence-filled Cold War, or the necessity of full-scale war to deal with this.

Steele to survive Stripper-Gate. Which does make sense, given he had nothing to do with it.

A rancher is murdered – probably by illegal aliens. The guy was one of those who, in an act of pure, Christian mercy, would aid those poor souls struggling across the desert. Just one more innocent man murdered because our political class – slaves to ideology – refuse to secure the border. How many more rapes, robberies and murders along the border will the liberals require before we’re allowed to enforce our immigration laws?

Telegraphing our punches: should we really be saying that the Kandahar offensive will start in June? Shouldn’t that be a bit of a military secret?

Scientists discovering the secrets of the Big Bang. Or destroying the Earth. Or, just perhaps, playing around with big toys which will really tell us nothing we really need to know. Reuters reports, you decide. What are the practical applications of a “mini-Big Bang”, anyways?

Hammering Romney over his support for socialized medicine in Massachusetts. That will be a very steep hill for Romney to climb as he seeks the 2012 GOP nomination. I figure it will eventually kill his chances – but we shall see.