Deval Patrick to Obatain Obama Kiss-of-Death

Cant’ thank the President enough for this:

President Barack Obama raised $2.5 million for the Democratic National Committee Thursday night, but his trip to Boston had another, less publicized purpose — saving Deval Patrick.

Few politicians are as close to Obama as the Massachusetts Democratic governor or have deeper ties to the president and his core team of advisers.

And almost no one faces a tougher reelection battle this year than Patrick, whose disapproval ratings would be considered near-terminal if not for the three-way race that he currently finds himself in.

As a result, the White House is looking to every weapon in its arsenal to help Patrick win a second term.

Their best weapon would be Obama anywhere but Massachusetts. Didn’t these guys learn their lesson with Brown?

We Republicans really have to work out a way to convince Obama to campaign personally for each Democrat up for re-election – its like the surest means to victory, ya know?

I know, I know – the official word is that Obama is still personally popular. That’s cool – I like the guy, myself…but anyone he endorses is going to automatically obtain my vote for the other guy. Obama is wrong about everything and the more we find out about him, the less we like what he does..endorsing Democrats now is like giving us a list of people to beat.