Liberalism at Work

This example from Los Angeles:

…(LA Mayor) Villaraigosa’s City Hall operations spend nearly $8 million a year — $1.8 million more than predecessor Jim Hahn, and $1.4 million more than Mayor Richard Riordan before him. In early February Villaraigosa seemed quick to make a dubious order to cut 1,000 workers from the city’s payroll, a move he might not have authority to make. But his own budget has been somewhat of a sacred cow.

Alvarado used California Public Records Act requests to find out that the mayor spent a whopping $9 million on his office, staff and salaries in 2008-2009 fiscal year. The mayor’s office, according to the report, employs 173 workers. Hahn had 121. Riordan had 114.

Villaraigosa’s operations employ 12 deputy mayors (who have once assistant each), 10 financial advisers, eight communication advisers, seven energy-and-environment advisers, six transportation advisers and three international-trade advisers. The biggest divisions inside the office include neighborhood community services, with 25 employees, executive services, with 23, and legislative and intergovernmental relations, with 19.

And do keep in mind that Los Angeles is broke. Bankrupt. Hasn’t got a pot to p*** in. Turn out the lights and close the door – the liberal show is over. But there goes the liberal Mayor, with 12 deputy mayors, each with an assistant.

This is how liberalism works in practice – just pile it on and spend, spend, spend. It doesn’t matter – money is magical and there will never be an end to it. You can always tax “the rich”, to make up any shortfall – but don’t tax the actual rich, because then they’ll get mad and might not invite you to the cool parties in Beverly Hills and Malibu. Doing that could also jeopardize your ability to get a high paid job once you leave office.

Los Angeles is relatively small scale – DC is massive scale. But its all of a piece – its all the same. Make Villaraigosa President and Obama Mayor of Los Angeles, and there wouldn’t be anything different happening in either place. Obama’s staff is also quite bloated – heck, so is the First Lady’s.

Once again, its all just magic play money and you’ve got to find jobs for all these people – you can’t expect liberal-arts graduates from elite universities to work in the private sector, you know? Who would want them? But they’ve got to be employed – and where better than in high paid, low-work government jobs where they can mouth liberal jargon and burnish each others resumes?

It is this that we fight against. No, liberals, I’m afraid its not because we’re a bunch of knuckle-dragging, toothless, racist gun- and Bible-clingers. Its because you freaking idiots are ruining the nation – and we have to rescue this Great Republic, from you. We don’t hate you – we pity your asinine worldview and wonder how in heaven’s name you managed to become so out of touch with reality – and yet still call yourselves the “reality-based community”?

And we’re going to clear you out – starting in November.