Who is Behind "Crash the TEA Party"?

A hate-filled, kook-leftist, of course:

As you may suspect, crashtheteaparty.org was not created by a Republican or an independent, but instead by someone with a red-tinted sickle to grind. In this instance, the suspect appears to be a conspiratorial 36-year-old from the Pacific Northwest named Jason Levin. He started promoting the site on April 8 on his personal Twitter account, but failed to do an adequate job of covering up his personal information when he registered the domain five days earlier. He later attempted to cover his tracks, but the original information was quickly disseminated around the internet by those who wondered who was behind the group…

…Levin…is a middle school technology teacher who isn’t impressed by his students or his current job. He promotes a Firefighters for 911 truth site, which establishes his own conspiratorial bona fides as a truther. He indulges in his dislike of Republicans in general and in Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck in particular. Predictably, he doesn’t like Fox News. Other tweets on Mr. Levin’s page indicate that he is pro-ObamaCare and loves Keith Olbermann. Interestingly enough, he claims to not be a Democrat — presumably, his views are further to the left.

This is the core opposition, boys and girls – absolute screwball, nutcase leftists. Used to not be like this. Our toughest fights actually used to be with people like retiring Congresscritter Stupak. But back in 2003, Democrat leaders, gulled by Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, allowed the insane to have a seat the table, and here we are.

They are hoping to “expose” us – what will actually happen is we’ll expose them. I’m going to one of the Tax Day TEA Parties, myself, and I will be armed with my video camera…we will find any of these idiots who show up and we will expose them for what they are. Be sure to do the same, yourself – do not attend a TEA Party without a means of recording what happened.

As we roll towards November and things stubbornly refuse to get better for the Democrats, we can expect ever more desperate tactics from the left. Brace yourself for it – and keep a clear eye on the goal. Don’t get mad – get to the polls.