Tax Day TEA Party Open Thread

We’ll update from time to time during the day as events transpire. I hope to get some video of local events which I’ll link to over at Noonan for Nevada. If you come across anything you think note- or link-worthy, let us know.

Meanwhile, what does it all mean to you? The TEA Party? The revolutionary ferment in the nation? The increasing unpopularity of Obama and his Democrats? Are you attending a rally today? Are you a kook leftist assigned to infiltrate a rally (OO, we’re looking at you)?

This is an open thread, but try to keep it to the various aspects of today’s TEA Party events.

UPDATE: Sorry about light updates today – but here we go.

I got to the TEA Party rally in Henderson, NV. At least 500, maybe as many as 1,000 showed up. Nice crowd, strongly libertarian and in another blow to the slander about TEA partiers being racist, there were black people there.

We did have infiltrators, after a fashion. They didn’t have the guts to get in to the thick of it – preferring to stay about 100 yards away, shouting obscenities at little girls and housewives as they walked towards the demonstration. Classy – and just oh, so liberal.

We’ve got some bad video up at Noonan for Nevada – with much, much better video to come.

UPDATE II: Pajamas Media has a run down on several “crashers”. Mostly, they are pathetic.

UPDATE III: A New York Times (yes, that New York Times) poll shows that TEA Partiers are, well, not at all what liberal bigots think they are.