Out and About on a Thursday Afternoon

Poll: Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Obama Who?) continues to lose support.

If we have a recovery, then why has Clark County, Nevada suffered a 14.9% drop in taxable sales so far this fiscal year?

Poll: 57% of Arizonans say we should welcome immigrants. 76% say we should secure the border. 64% back the new immigration law in Arizona. This is a winning issue for the GOP – if we cast it, properly, as a matter of justice for all. It is unjust to allow people to illegally cross the border. It is unjust to turn a blind eye to the ruthless exploitation and abuse of the illegals as they cross the border. It is unjust to have a pool of illegal workers in the US to be used as sweated labor at the expense of both illegals and citizens. Get it? Justice requires a secure border – and we can win on that.

Britain’s PM Brown probably just lost himself the election – and turned the immigration issue in to a hot topic in Britain as much as its become in the United States.

Is Crist trying to get Donks to dump Meeks? Could be – if the Crist promises to caucus with Democrats, it might be worth their while to toss aside their almost-sure-loser candidate. And a victorious Crist might be the difference between a majority and minority status in the Senate come January. Of course, that is assuming Crist could win…

The horrible abuse of migrants…in Mexico. The whole immigration issue is not what liberals think it is.

Suspended, liberal priest upset about the conservatism of Los Angeles’ new Archbishop. Cry me a river.

New corporate buzz word: “Crowd Sourcing”. It doesn’t work in your favor, American worker.

Top Ten Democrat party slogans.