Why 2010 Could Be a Political Tsunami

Brought out in an interesting Rasmussen poll on attitudes about the United State and the United Nations:

Seventy-one percent (71%) of U.S. voters say the United States is a more positive force for good in the world today than the United Nations, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

Thirteen percent (13%) disagree and say the international organization is a more positive force for good. Sixteen percent (16%) more are undecided.

But there’s a sharp difference of opinion between Mainstream voters and the Political Class. While 79% of Mainstream voters view America as a more positive force for good in the world today than the UN, just 45% of the Political Class agree.

Only 45% of the ruling class believe the United States is a better force for good than the United Nations! That is just astounding. It shows the disconnect between the people and the powerful – and additionally demonstrates just how incredibly ignorant our power elite really is. They pride themselves on their Ivy League degrees and social pedigrees but the truth is that they don’t know anything – they just have attitudes in tune with what they are instructed is the proper view.

The people are angry at a governing class which is out of touch. Which doesn’t honor core, American values. Which acts against the best interests of the American people. Come November, this rising anger and disgust with the political system could result in the largest amount of political change in one election since the 1930’s.