James Earl Obama

Welcome back, Carter:

…1979 followed two years of Carteresque utopian proclamations. Do we remember them all still? There was Cy Vance, in perfect aristocratic style, and in perpetual atonement for his earlier support of the Vietnam War, with his creased brow and sermonizing tone, bringing in the kinder, gentler order. He resigned over the failed hostage rescue, replaced by a stoic Ed Muskie. And there was Andrew Young at the UN trying to be a sort of proto-Barack Obama, reaching out to the radical Palestinians, and so on.

Remember the commandments? No more inordinate fear of communism; human rights governing U.S. foreign policy; no more nuclear weapons housed in South Korea which was to be free of U.S. troops; outreach to the terrorist/rebel/reformer Mugabe, and so on.

In other words, it took a flawed world about 24 months to size up the new idealistic administration, and to determine that it either could not or would not continue U.S. foreign policy of the previous three decades…

Its taken the world a bit less time to size up this President – our 1979 has arrived a bit sooner. The “Gaza flotilla” is a direct result of Obama’s foreign policy – it simply would not have happened while Bush was President and if Obama hadn’t started coddling our enemies, it wouldn’t have happened now. More and worse is to come.

I remember that terrible year – I turned 15 two weeks after the Islamists seized our embassy in Tehran. In my mind’s eye I still see that picture of the Islamists using Old Glory to haul out trash. Of thousands chanting “death to America”, while my President wrung his hands and stumbled from mistake to blunder and back again.

It is eerily familiar – Obama is just blindly repeating almost the exact errors of Carter. He’s just as old as I am – doesn’t he remember? Or does he just not care? Or was he just told in school that Carter’s programs were working and if only we American dummies had re-elected him, all would have come out ok? I don’t know – I can’t explain it.

We’re going to get it all, and likely worse than before. Its such a crying shame – and remember, Republicans, it is our fault. We failed the American people, and thus Obama was able to get elected. We’ll be a long time repairing the error, and this time around we simply must remember that waiting in the wings, if we lose are way, is Carter III…now being trained either directly in the Obama Administration, or immured in one of the same schools Obama came out of.