Out and About on a Monday Morning

Hey, liberals – so you don’t believe me when I say the economy is doomed? Well, then perhaps you’ll believe your hero, George Soros? Pinko he is – but he’s also a financial shark…

Plunging tax revenues in Los Angeles. Good news for Angelenos who have kept their jobs and their houses – bad news for Big Government, already on the verge of complete bankruptcy. Aside from that, yet another bit of proof that the economy has not recovered – if it had, Los Angeles wouldn’t have this big a problem.

When faculty pinheads are put in charge of the real world.

Hmmm, maybe that college degree really isn’t worth the $40,000 in student loans?

Axelrod says Obama will be campaigning this fall. I’m sure every Republican in the nation wants Obama to come campaign for his opponent, but I think it’ll be more selective than that…I figure Obama will make repeat appearances in Brentwood, San Francisco, Manhattan and other areas were regular Americans live.