The Chinese Enemy

A timely reminder of the stark reality – from Gordon C. Chang over at Pajamas Media:

…Senior Chinese officers, on the other hand, have no trouble telling us how they really feel.

In February, Colonel Meng Xianging promised a “hand-to-hand fight with the U.S.” sometime within the next 10 years “when we’re strong enough.” “We must make them hurt,” said Major-General Yang Yi this year, referring to the United States…

Do read the whole thing as it is a great look at our mindless China policy. Once upon a time, having China on side was a good idea – but that time ended when the Berlin Wall came down. Since that time, China has become the most potent threat to America’s long-term strategic interests in the world.

The analogy I use for US/Chinese relations are those between the UK and Germany early in the 20th century. Deeply intertwined in economics, talking right past each other in politics – and with Germany’s (China’s) military feverishly preparing for armed conflict. I fully expect eventual war with China – because they will attack us, likely right out of the blue, probably starting with a cat’s paw attack by North Korea or some other distracting event.

For all of China’s alleged success, China remains a corrupt, unstable tyranny incapable of delivering, long term, the desires of the Chinese people. Coupled with this fundamental flaw is a growing Chinese nationalism which wishes to flex muscle – both as a means of distracting the Chinese people from their plight as well as righting what some Chinese consider to be historic wrongs (namely, that we’re in charge, and they’re not – Middle Kingdom arrogance has never left China).

American policy should be guided by the threat – and thus we should be working diligently to build and re-build alliances with nations under direct Chinese threat: India, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan – and some sort of working relationship with Vietnam regarding area defense (be best if Russia could be brought in, but Putin’s Russia is even stupider than we are over China). Our Navy should be greatly increased, as should our long range bomber force – and building a couple more active Army divisions would probably be wise.

Only time will tell what will come of China – but I envision eventual economic collapse (and I mean in the next year or two as all the Chinese bubbles burst) which will leave China in acute stress. Some time after that, I figure they’ll attack in some manner. Better for us to be prepared for it.