Scott Brown (R-MA) May Help Kill Finance Bill

From Reuters:

…”I was surprised and extremely disappointed to hear that $18 billion in new assessments and fees were added in the wee hours of the morning by the conference committee,” Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown said.

He issued the statement after negotiators from the Senate and House of Representatives emerged from a marathon session early Friday morning with a final compromise on a bill that would bring about the most sweeping financial rules revamp since the 1930s…

As usual, grafting Democrat politicians have slipped things in to the bill in the dead of night, planning on ripping us off on the sly. Its just the way they operate – when you’re dishonest enough to create the financial crisis and then claim you can fix it, this is par for the course.

We’ll see if Brown stands firm and whether the rest of the Senate GOP can muster the courage to block this boondoggle of government waste which won’t do anything to fix the problem, but will open up vast, new areas of Democrat corruption, if passed.

UPDATE: Senator Byrd’s illness (which I bet is life threatening, or they wouldn’t be announcing it) could also kill the bill. Amazing that America’s policy may depend on the fate of a man elected to the Senate 6 years before I was born. Term limits are a necessity.