Elena Kagan Confirmation Hearings

The dog and pony show of Kagan’s confirmation hearings start today – though the WSJ does report there is that slight chance the GOP can derail her:

Republicans are keeping the option of a filibuster on the table as Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings get underway this week.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) the highest-ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, on Sunday said a filibuster could happen “if things come out to indicate she’s so far outside the mainstream.”…

Which information is, of course, already out there – she’s a far left ideologue who has no judicial philosophy. All she has is a slavish devotion to whatever is fashionable on the left. If one moment its the fashion to oppose military recruitment because of don’t ask/don’t tell while the next moment you have to welcome gay-hating Sharia law, then that is all in a days work for someone, like Kagan, who has resigned her ability to think.

I think we should filibuster her – its not like Democrats will have held the practice sacred. Heck, they passed ObamaCare essentially by ignoring the filibuster rule, so under Democrat precedent, everything goes…and Kagan needs to go. She’s free to wreck Harvard all she wants – but we don’t need her on the SC, wrecking all of America.

UPDATE: According to Rasmussen, 42% oppose Kagan, 35% favor.