Do You Want a Revolution?

Angelo M. Codevilla over at the American Spectator has a fascinating article about just how our current ruling class arose, what it’s goals are and the perils for any group which would try to overthrow it and re-establish Constitutional government. Some of it is things I have already discussed and there are a few points of disagreement between myself and the author (most notably and the notion of bringing democracy to foreign lands on the point of a bayonet – I think we can and should, Codevilla feels otherwise…of course, I would do it differently from the way we’ve done it). It is, in my view, a must read article.

The pragmatic facts of life here are that we do have a ruling class. It comprises the overwhelming majority of elected Democrats as well as a substantial minority (and perhaps, at times, a plurality) – Ed. Note: this had said “majority”, but that was a typo, sorry for the confusion – of the Republican party. It absolutely dominates the permanent bureaucracy, especially on the federal level. It controls the unions, almost all institutions of higher education (especially in the prestige universities) and the MSM. It is culturally dominant in television and motion pictures.

It is very badly educated (especially in history and military affairs, while it wouldn’t know theology or philosophy if it fell on them) and yet claims for itself the mantle of an educated elite (this on the mere fact of having degrees, especially dumbed-down degrees from prestige universities). It is anti-Christian, anti-Jewish religion (to distinguish from those non-observant Jews who are members of the ruling class), anti-American and utterly contemptuous of the American people. It believes that it must rule because the American people, as such, are too narrow minded, ignorant, racist and stupid to govern themselves.

And it has to go – we must get rid of it before it destroys America and thus opens the path to war, conquest and a new Dark Age.

The changes we must advocate and carry out are, indeed, revolutionary. That we will be doing nothing other, in the end, than restoring our Founder’s government doesn’t make it any less revolutionary. We must think and act like revolutionaries – uncompromising in our demands and fierce in our denunciations of a usurping ruling class.

We must press our enemies and never let up. But we also must be wary of ever falling in to their methods. Codevilla points out how wrong it would be if, given a Congressional majority, we were to enact a Bill of Attainder against, say, Pelosi, Reid and Obama and then, per the Constitution, refuse authority to the Courts to review such action – we would be running rough shod over our own views and thus destroy ourselves.

But we must not shrink from the prospect of eventually putting all of them in jail for their violations of the law. Not that we will, but we must be prepared to do so – we must have an intensity of force which will leave no doubt that we are not going to be thwarted. They, on their side, have spent decades slowly transforming America in to a political freak show – we’ll want to switch it back to a constitutional republic in a matter of a few years, because any coalition of revolutionaries in favor of the Founder’s system will not be able to cooperate over even a ten year period, let alone the 80 or 90 years our ruling class has spent wrecking America.

Our advantage is in numbers and genuine enthusiasm for what we’re doing. Their advantage is in having control while also being a tightly disciplined minority. Victory will go to the side which keeps the goal most clearly in mind and which doesn’t lose faith even when things look darkest – fortunately, we are also the side with faith, so I do see our victory as certain, if we but show the will to try.