The Left's Stupid Defense of the NBPP

Pointed out by J. Christian Adams:

Since my testimony before the Civil Rights Commission under oath on July 6 about various corrupt policies relating to enforcement of election law at the Department of Justice, the left-wing soldiers on the internet have marched into action. They have made personal attacks and made multiple factual errors in defending the dismissal. This is unfortunate, because they are harming a cause they profess to support — the right to vote. In their reflexive personal attacks and amateurish legal arguments, they fail to see they are undermining their own long-term goals, namely vigorous enforcement of voter intimidation and civil rights laws. Perhaps it is not too late for the more reasonable among them to understand their approach to the New Black Panther dismissal is suicidal…

Suicidal, indeed. The left’s defense of NBPP and attacks on Adams is un-American. To defend the NBPP is to defend criminality; to defend fascism; to defend racism. I realize that the left has a knee-jerk mentality about these things – but if you let this thing go on then there will be no defense of voter rights, at all.

The problem with left wing tactics is that they are turning elections from contests of parties and ideas in to contests of who can cheat the most. This undermines democracy and once that is completed, we will fall to tyranny – if the electoral process is muddied to the point where the people don’t accept the results as legitimate, then the government has no authority to rule. Period.

You on the left really need to think about this – and join the right in demanding that the NBPP be prosecuted.