Americans Must Take Back Their Government

The House Minority Leader lays out some governing ideas in the New York Times:

…In a 40-minute interview, Mr. Boehner pledged to “run the House differently than it was run in the past.” He said bills would be posted on the Internet three days in advance of debate, so lawmakers could adequately study the legislation. He said he would open Rules Committee meetings and allow cameras inside, providing a greater sense of transparency and whittling away at what he called a secretive and closed system.

“This is not the Congress of old,” Mr. Boehner said…

All of us rank-and-rile conservatives/Republicans have our complaints about the Congressional GOP – and while much has been forgiven, nothing has been forgotten. If the Republican Party wins a House majority in November, then that is just a first step – and a very small step, at that.

So far here in 2010 the House GOP has shown itself far more willing to listen to the people than the Senate GOP – and, of course, vastly more willing than the Democrats to lend an ear to what the people want. But, even so, we know that in the House GOP caucus there those who just want a seat at the trough and don’t really care about America – and we’re bound to elect a few new ones in November (people who will play the outsider game to get elected, and then rush to get on their knees to the Ruling Class). Boehner has done good work, as have many others – but if the GOP wins, that will be the time when we’ll have to start exerting maximum pressure.

Let what has happened to our liberals be our warning – rank-and-file liberals really thought that they were getting Hope and Change…with Obama in the White House and Pelosi in the Speaker’s chair, all was accomplished. They turned a blind eye and now their leaders have loused it up – perhaps making Democrats toxic for a generation. We daren’t do that – pressure, pressure and then some more pressure must be exerted…and primary challenges must be ready to go at the drop of a hat.

It is our government – it is supposed to be there for us, not for the elite, the rich and the well-connected. But if we don’t stand up and be counted, nothing will change, ever.