Indian-Americans Taking Over the GOP?

Jindal in Louisiana, Haley in South Carolina – and now Vijay Kumar in Tennessee:

I am Vijay Kumar, and I am running for the 5th District Congressional seat presently held by Jim Cooper. I am an immigrant from India who has lived in Nashville for twenty-one years, and when I ran in the last election, I was blessed with winning almost a third of the vote.

I am running again because Congress has failed to take leader- ship on the issues of illegal immigration, taxation, English as our official language, our economy, healthcare reform, abortion, and the War on Terror, and I hope you share my belief that it is time for new leadership.

Did I miss a memo? Someone call a meeting of the V,RWC and not tell me? I thought we were working for Likud/Israel? I realize that I’ve been busy with the sub-plot where the descendants of Thomas Francis Patrick Noonan will take over the world, but I don’t think I’m that far out of the loop.

So, what gives? I mean, its cool – I, for one, welcome our Indian-American overlords if they’ll get rid of Obama and cut taxes.