Gasoline Shortage in Iran is America's Opportunity

From Pajamas Media:

…On July 26, Reuters reported that only three cargoes of gasoline had arrived for the month — coming from Turkey and China — and a fourth was expected to arrive soon from Venezuela. Between 11 and 13 cargoes of gasoline normally arrive during this time of year, so this is a major drop.

Security forces have been deployed to major gas stations to prevent them from becoming scenes of discontent. On July 23, there were clashes in Tehran when those waiting in a long line at Roosevelt Gas Station greeted the security forces by shouting “Death to dictatorship.”…

The corrupt regime in Tehran is suffering the normal fate of such things – increasing inability to provide the basic needs of the people. Some last longer than others, but all regimes which are not at least to some extent free eventually have this problem. And this problem for Iran presents us with our best opportunity in at least a decade to bring the Iranian regime to heel – and perhaps even engineer its destruction.

This is the pressure point for Iran – they must import most of their gasoline. Plans have been set afoot by the Iranian regime to end this vulnerability (which plans may or may not work – corrupt regimes also have a problem in getting things done even in emergency situations), but for right now and for at least many months, we can exert huge pressure on the Iranian regime without having to engage in direct, military confrontation. We can hold up all gasoline shipments to Iran – we control the seas, absolutely – and no gas, no ability of the regime to continue suppressing the Iranian people.

We can force them to give up their nuclear program in return for allowing gasoline to arrive. We can force them to cease supporting the terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq. We can pretty much make the leadership of Iran dance to our tune – but only if we act swiftly and firmly.

And I’m afraid that “swift and firm” just doesn’t exist in our government right now – we could be blowing a golden, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.