Out and About on a Thursday Morning

Is Christianity a failure worthy of renunciation, or do some people choose to renounce rather than reform?

Poll: 30% still entirely suckered by Obama.

Does the minimum wage increase unemployment? It would seem so.

What drives the unemployment rate? Lots of things, and Mish covers them well.

IMF: US real estate problems could bring on second wave of the financial crisis. Which is definitely possible. It could also be brought on by sovereign default. Or collapsing Chinese bubbles. Or a liquidity crisis in Europe. I could go on, literally, for a long time with this.

Government subsidies for bloggers? I vote “yes” on that and will provide easy instructions for where to send the $1,456,957,345.56 I think my blogging is worth. But, seriously, should we be talking about subsidizing the MSM?

Money keeps flowing away from mutual funds. But the economy is fine. Obama says so. Biden does, too. And Bernanke, as well. And none of them would have the slightest interest in hoodwinking us about this.

Confident of victory in November? I am.