Poll: 64% Oppose Ground Zero Mosque

From Fox News:

While a majority of American voters think the Muslim group that wants to put a mosque near ground zero has the right to build it there, most think it would be wrong to do so.

A Fox News poll released Friday found that 61 percent of voters think the Muslim group has the right to build a mosque in lower Manhattan.

However, 64 percent think it would be wrong to put a mosque there…

Which is exactly correct in both instances – under our system of government, you don’t just stop someone from building a house of worship “just because”…but in this case, the place should not be built just because it is being built by Moslems.

This is, in a very real sense, unfair – not all Moslems are terrorists and most people who will do business in the mosque will be inoffensive people. But while it is unfair to single out Islam like this, it must be singled out and denied the ability to build the Mosque.

The reason for holding this view is merely from an understanding of why it is being built in that particular spot – denials aside, the purpose of building it is to celebrate the 19 Moslems who murdered 3,000 Americans. It is to celebrate the great Islamist victory over the United States. It is to plant the flag of Islam and have New York City forever more considered by the Islamists as part of the Moslem world. If 9/11 was a gigantic slap in America’s face, this mosque is an act of spitting in it.

At some future date, once Islam becomes fully civilized and allows a Christian Church to be built in Mecca, we can revisit this issue and be far less concerned about where a mosque is to be built. Until that happy, future time, however, we must be stern – Islam is a conquering, intolerant and uncivilized religion and our treatment of it cannot necessarily track with our normal treatment of religion. An exception must be made – the mosque must not be built.

There are mechanisms in the US Constitution which can ensure that this mosque does not get built – perhaps by framing a law where a new house of worship cannot be built within two miles or so of a national monument (it would be sufficient to just measure out how far this mosque will be from the 9/11 memorial and then add an inch to the exclusion zone). However we do it, it must be done – until Islam changes, we have to deal with it as it is, not as we might wish it to be.

UPDATE: Obama was lauded for backing the Mosque…now someone in the political shop has pointed out that this is akin to being in favor of clubbing baby seals to death: might appeal to a narrow constituency, doesn’t play well with most people. So, Obama is now backtracking.