Dept of Justice Goes After Pro-Life Demonstrators

Our AG Holder has decided that stopping people from praying in front of an abortuary is worthy of limited resources:

A West Palm Beach abortion counselor and prayer warrior is among six being sued nationwide by Attorney General Eric Holder, but a conservative group believes Holder is abusing his power.

Mary Susan Pine, who has been witnessing outside the clinic in West Palm Beach for 20 years, and her group F.A.C.E. Life face an injunction that would prevent Pine from entering any clinic driveway and would prevent her group from keeping women from entering the abortion facility…

Because we’ve just got all the money in the world and we’re not busy tracking terrorists, breaking up drug and human smuggling rings and organized crime has just gone entirely out of business. The crucial government task of preventing someone from praying within a country mile of an abortion clinic must move forward! The American people are demanding it – you’ve seen the polls showing that the economy takes a distant back seat to hammering at those ruthless bastards who try to talk women out of having an abortion, haven’t you?

The power of the US government directed towards protecting people who make money off of murdering children – just disgusting.