Religion of Peace Update

From Big Peace:

Geert Wilders has just learned that an Australian imam named Feiz Muhammad has issued a fatwa calling for the Dutch politician’s beheading. Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated a couple of Dutch-language articles on the topic, and includes additional material about Mr. Muhammad from various Australian sources…

Do click on the link and read the translated articles – they express a savage worldview.

What this tells us is that we continue to be at war. Our current leadership might not want to admit it. Politically correct liberals hate the idea of it. It would be temporarily easier if we just wrote such things off as aberrations. We can hide from the truth, but the truth remains. The terrible fact is that around the globe a subset of Islam has taken it upon itself to conquer and forcefully convert the whole world – and the rest of the Moslem world either will not or cannot bring itself to destroy the subset.

Personally, I think it is “will not” – while we get “moderate” Moslems who will, at times and after especially horrific crimes, make some noises about condemning the Islamists, I don’t believe that the bulk of Moslems really views Islamist actions as wrong. Perhaps unwise, but not wrong – at some level, almost all Moslems have a tolerance of and, perhaps, an admiration for, those Moslems who choose the jihadist path.

We will only stop the Islamists by a combination of raw, military force and a steady pressure on the Moslem world to reform. In the end, they will have to become more like us. More tolerant, less exclusive – and genuinely horrified at violence against innocent people without all the “an Israeli killed a Palestinian so its ok for an Algerian to kill Spaniards” nonsense. The one thing we can’t afford to do is let our guard down – or allow people like Feiz Muhammad to live unmolested. People such as him who make such statements will have to be taken or killed.

Free speech? Of course we have that – but we also have in our free speech the understanding that an incitement to violence is not protected…and a statement from an Imam that a person should be beheaded is an incitement to violence. We must get realistic about things – the Islamists who attack us don’t get written orders from an al Qaeda command post to carry out attacks…it is all done in a very decentralized way. And one of the things required for terrorist attacks is some statement from a respected (by Islamists) Imam that such and such action is in the interests of jihad. Now that this Imam has made the pronouncement, it will be up to some Islamist cell some where to carry it out. And they will try – of that we can be sure.

This is a serious business we’re dealing with – and the longer we carry on in a fog of political correctness and references to “man-caused disasters” the worse the situation will become.