Fighting Voter Fraud

As our Democrats won’t fight against it (because they benefit from it), people have taken a hand in getting the laws enforced:

As the saying goes: if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. If Americans don’t want dead and ineligible felons participating in elections, they will have to clean up the mess themselves, as Attorney General Eric Holder won’t do his job by enforcing the integrity protections in the “Motor Voter” law passed in 1993…

The author, J. Christian Adams, points out that Holder’s “Justice” Department has decided not to enforce “Section 8” of the Motor-Voter law – the part that deals with keeping the voter rolls clear of dead and otherwise ineligible voters. Why would this be? Because Obama’s people are not interested in clean voter rolls – such things make it hard to stuff ballot boxes and thus hard to steal elections (as they did in Washington State in 2004 and in Minnesota in 2008…and almost did in Florida in 2000).

Adams has notified 16 States that they are not in compliance with the provisions of Motor-Voter – and thus sets the stage for legal action to force them to obey. This is vital – a democratic form of government can only work when people have faith in the voting process. Democrats don’t care about such things – being only interested in protecting their power and wealth, they don’t care how they get in to power…nor do they think about the future…only victory right now matters. If the system collapses, they are more than happy to take advantage of that, too…the nation can die, as long as Democrats win one more election.

We, the people, must back these grass roots efforts to clean up our electoral system – the future of American liberty hangs in the balance. Additionally, if we are awarded power by the people this November, we must make investigation of voter fraud a high priority – as well as enacting laws to require picture ID at polling places, as well as other means to ensure that only eligible voters cast ballots.