Smart Politics: GOP Insiders Downplay Chances

From Byron York over at the Washington Examiner:

…Prognosticators have upgraded the coming political storm from Category 4 to Category 5. Republican control of the House has gone from possible to inevitable.

But Republicans don’t believe it, or at least the insiders involved in the midterm effort don’t believe it. As they see it, they’re in a good position to pick up the 39 seats needed to win control of the House, but polls showing a huge GOP lead are simply wrong. “I’m assuming that Cook and Rothenberg and Rove and the others have got different indications from what we’ve got,” says one member of the House GOP election team. “I don’t want to overestimate what’s out there.”

“I think it’s about even,” says a strategist involved in the GOP effort…

Maybe we will be able to shed the label of “stupid party” here in 2010 – this is wise; campaign real hard, count on nothing and then we’ll see where the votes come out on November 2nd. The polls are good for the GOP – most notably the Ramussen poll which has been consistent all year long with a strong GOP vote in prospect. But, polls don’t vote – people do.

We have a chance for a historic victory on November 2nd – but only if we work for it. It won’t just land in our lap. The correlation of political forces are in our favor, but fighting hard or slacking off will make the difference between a decent gain in seats, and a crushing victory. If we want a big victory, then we’d better dig down deep and find the will to make it happen.