Sen. Barbara Boxer's Corrupt Travel

From NRO’s Campaign Spot:

ince 2000, Sen. Barbara Boxer, California Democrat, has taken 18 trips sponsored by outside organizations, at a value of $97,975.

Naturally, if you want to learn about the Islamic world, you go to . . . Paris, France. With your spouse. For a week. At a cost of $12,272, as Boxer did in 2008.

If you want to become more familiar with the impact of U.S. policy on Latin America, clearly, you go to . . . the Punta de Mita beach resort in Mexico. With your spouse. Three times, in 2006, 2005, and 2002, at a cost of roughly $6,000 per trip.

If you want to learn more about U.S.-Russia-European relations, you go to . . . Dublin, Ireland, for five days, at a cost of more than $6,000, as she did in 2005. (I salute her taste.) Or perhaps you go to London, at a cost of $8,260, as she did in 2002.

The Aspen Institute was most often underwriting the cost of Boxer’s trips; in addition to the destinations above, the group covered the costs of Boxer’s trips to the Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, the outdoor-sports resort town of Banff, Alberta, and Barcelona, Spain…

Now, do all Senators do this? No – as is pointed out later, California’s other Democrat Senator, the equally liberal Diane Feinstein, pretty much pays her own way. The Aspen Institute, itself, is just another one of those global, liberal groups which claims to be in favor of all the peoples of the world, but sure seems to spend a lot of time at swank resorts, with bought Senators in tow.

In Boxer’s defense, she hasn’t proved as arrogant in this as, say, our First Lady – but, then again, that might be because Boxer lacks access to Air Force one and thus can’t bring a massive entourage to lavish resorts in Spain. But, still – come now, liberals: is this a defender of the working class? Are these the actions of those who care about the poor? Or are they just the acts of out-of-touch elites, feeding off the productive people of our nation?

We report, you decide.