Rand Paul’s Lack of Civility?

You probably have hear how GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul refused to shake hands with his Democrat opponent after a debate. Paul made this refusal given the way he had been slandered on religious grounds by his opponent.

There is likely to be much hand-wringing over this lack of civility on the part of Paul, but all of that is really just liberal hypocrisy. You see, in liberal-speak “civility” means “I can question your parentage, but you have to be nice to me”. The only civil thing we can do with Democrats, these days, is to figure out civil ways to say, “you be d—-d”.

Democrats imported nastiness in to our politics many years ago – the first really hideously nasty campaign they ran was Truman’s 1948 muck-fest. But it was with the vile attacks on first Robert Bork and later on Clarence Thomas that liberal nastiness hit its stride. I know that they claim that we’re nasty and they are just responding – but that is just another in a long, long line of liberal lies. They made things this crude, not us.

A return to civility is very much desired. But it won’t happen until the Democrats learn some manners. Those who wrecked the system bear the primary responsibility for fixing it. No matter how disgusting liberal tactics get, we won’t answer in kind – but we’re not about to shake hands with those who spit in our faces.