Democrat National Committee: Tax Cheats

From Richard Pollock over at Pajamas Media:

The Democratic National Committee and the party’s private club in the nation’s capitol have been delinquent with tax payments on sixteen separate occasions over the last seven years, Pajamas Media has learned.

According to District of Columbia government records, since 2004 the Democrats’ main political committee and its National Democratic Club — an exclusive restaurant and hideaway on Capitol Hill where prominent Democrats and their guests dine — have been hit with fines and interest penalties in excess of $115,000 for failure to pay their property taxes on time…

No surprise from the party which figured a tax cheat like Geithner should be in charge of the Treasury. Taxes are for the little people – not for high ranking Democrats or Wall Street fat cats, don’t you know? Always keep in mind – “the rich” are those who are just hard working business people…the filthy rich, on the other hand, are never touched by Democrats, and seem to have a large problem with paying their taxes promptly. The sort of stuff which would get you and me in jail just doesn’t seem to affect the Ruling Class, now does it?

They are so out of touch that they are only barely conscious of what is going on in America. To them, things are fine – the government is shoveling money at them, they can skate on their taxes, property values in the DC area continue to rise. What is everyone complaining about?

Well, we’re going to teach them a lesson on November 2nd they’ll never forget…