Swing Voters Going GOP

From the Wall Street Journal:

The Democrats’ final push to woo undecided voters appears to have fizzled, potentially putting dozens of competitive House races beyond reach and undermining the party’s chances in at least four toss-up Senate seats, according to party strategists and officials.

Independents, a crucial swing bloc, seem to be breaking sharply for Republicans in the final days of the campaign.

One nonpartisan prognosticator, Stuart Rothenberg, said Friday he thought the Republicans could pick up as many as 70 House seats—something no party has achieved since 1948. The Republicans need 39 seats to take the majority. Fading Democratic support among independents is also keeping alive the GOP’s longer-shot hopes of taking the Senate…

That is the crucial thing – if enough Independents swing GOP, then the Senate comes in reach. Will it happen? There is no way to tell – the betting would have to be on the Democrats holding the Senate, but I wouldn’t bet much on that.