Iowans Hammer Judicial Activism

This is some of the best news out of the election – from CNN:

Voters in Iowa chose to remove three high court justices who helped make Iowa the first Midwestern state to permit same-sex marriage.

The vote marks the first time a member of the Iowa Supreme Court has been rejected by the voters under the current system that began in 1962…

Whether you favor of oppose same-sex marriage, if you are an American you must insist that judges not impose this novelty upon the American people. Something as large as this with so much public passion on both sides requires a democratic resolution – only if the people want it should it be done.

Additionally, this is yet another shot across the bow of the gay rights activists – keep pursuing your goals in the courts and you will eventually provoke an amendment to the United States constitution permanently defining marriage as between one man and one woman. The people have had quite enough of judges making laws – law-making is for the people, or their elected representatives, period.