The Second American Revolution

It happened last night, though some of our liberals seem to be latching on to Reid’s win as some sort of “victory”. It certainly is disappointing that this hopelessly corrupt and mindlessly Statist Democrat managed to win, but he’s actually a liability for the Democrats who have an even rougher task in 2012, even supposing the economy gets better and Obama gets re-elected. Right now, the Democrats have lost the House, lost the governorships, lost the State legislatures and have retained Harry Reid and a weak, unworkable majority in the Senate. A majority which merely ensures the Democrats remain responsible for everything which goes wrong, but which can’t advance an election-winning agenda.

Our task has now become more difficult – working to rescue America while also working to ensure Obama’s defeat in 2012. That is something we must not lose sight of. No matter what sort of triangulation Obama may try, we must eject him from the White House. He has proven himself not just incompetent, but divisive…America is weaker because he is President and putting him in for a second term is just too risky.

This will not be easy. Our economy is in shambles; our government is bankrupt. We have to balance the budget, cut taxes, restore productivity and do this all in a world becoming daily more dangerous. And we’ll have to do it while Democrats work for only one purpose – to return themselves to power so they can resume looting our nation for their personal benefit.

The war is not won – and, in fact, the biggest battle starts today. Get ready for it.