DeMint Pledges a Ban on Earmarks

From CBS:

With their sweeping electoral victory in hand, Republicans are committed to ending earmarks – the local-project riders to legislation – and focusing on the big national issues, a top Senate Republican said Wednesday.

“We can’t have 500 congressmen and senators who think it’s their job to bring home the bacon – and that’s what’s going to change,” South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint told CBS’ “The Early Show. “One of the first thing we’ll do in the House and Senate is ban earmarks as Republicans – that’ll get our eyes back on fixing our tax code, fixing social security and Medicare, getting America back to work.”…

It is in pressing these common sense, populist reforms where we’ll gain our traction, where we’ll gain the genuine respect of the American people, and the long term lease on power which that will bring.

We have to hit the ground running – there are plenty of popular things to do which, acted upon swiftly, will bring credit to us and which will set the narrative for 2012 even if (actually, especially if) Democrats manage to block them either in the Senate or with Obama’s veto pen. Genuinely reforming America will take either a complete change of heart on the part of Obama (unlikely), or the complete defeat of Obama and the Democrats in 2012. Until that, all we can do is hold the line and keep demonstrating why we should be entrusted with full power.

Remember that November 2nd was just Step 1. The process of reforming America will take years, and can’t fully get underway as long as Obama is President. We have to be prepared for long, drawn out and difficult times – including defeats along the way. But if we keep our eye on the ball and hold the Congressional GOP to the fire, we can do this, and save our nation from disaster.