Sarah Palin Vs Wall Street

From James Pethokoukis over at Reuters:

…Palinomics, embryonic as it is, seems to be rooted in “free-market populism,” a version of conservative thinking that is pro-market rather than pro-business. It says the role of government is to help markets function more fairly and efficiently for everyone, encouraging competition and “creative destruction” (which Palin specifically mentioned in her book). Pro-business policies, by contrast, can end up subsidizing favored companies, raising barriers to entry and otherwise entrenching the status quo.

Palin is also familiar with one of the champions of free-market populism, the University of Chicago’s Luigi Zingales, linking to his writings from her Facebook page. It’s easy to imagine her campaigning against corporate tax breaks, say, or in favor of limiting the size of banks under the belief that as long as they are ginormous, government will find a way to bail them out. That agenda might not attract much campaign cash from Manhattan bankers or Washington lobbyists, but it could be a compelling formula in the new Tea Party-infused Republican party…

Indeed – and, in fact, it is the only way for us to win in 2012. Reagan manfully tried to break the link between the GOP and Wall Street, but was stymied by the way Wall Street manages to get its hooks in to everyone. After Reagan left office, there was not much effort to really challenge the banksters. And don’t any of you liberals out there think you’re off the hook – while the establishment GOP has been too influenced by Wall Street (such as in President Bush’s stout – and entirely mistaken – assertion that TARP saved the economic day), the Democratic party has been, for at least the last 20 years, a wholly owned subsidiary of the banksters – with George Soros nearly dictating liberal policy these days. Now, in 2010 and heading towards 2012, the people are in no mood for anyone who is too connected with the financial nitwits who led us off the cliff.

Sarah Palin – who is smarter than anyone else in politics, just as Reagan was in his day – sees this, understands this, and knows that both in purely political as well as economic terms, it is time to break the banks as well as the bureaucrats. To battle, that is, with Big Government and Big Corporation in favor of the people – and the small and mid-sized business which are the back bone of America. America’s economy is stifled under taxes and regulations which work out to protection and subsidy for those already on top, who keep the bribes flowing to the political class to keep things as they are. In order to get a real, expanding American economy, these fetters must be broken.

And so, to battle – a battle which, so far in the GOP 2012 ranks, only Sarah Palin is engaged. I’m engaged in it, too, but as I’m just a little blogger, I don’t carry too much weight. Those who have been reading my stuff over the past couple years know that I’ve had it in for the banks, and that my economics are Distributist. I’ve no more use for a Wall Street nimrod than I do for a Ivy League Marxist – we need to get back to work making, mining and growing things and we won’t be able to do that while politicians are bribed by corporations to allow them to ship our factories to China, our farms to Mexico and our mines to Chile.

Sarah Palin understands. And if she goes in to 2012 as the only candidate understanding this, then she will win it all.