Fighting Over the "Truce"

GOProud and some TEA Party leaders write a letter:

Dear Senator McConnell and Representative Boehner,

On behalf of limited government conservatives everywhere we write to urge you and your colleagues in Washington to put forward a legislative agenda in the next Congress that reflects the principles of the Tea Party movement.

Poll after poll confirms that the Tea Party’s laser focus on issues of economic freedom and limited government resonated with the American people on Election Day. The Tea Party movement galvanized around a desire to return to constitutional government and against excessive spending, taxation and government intrusion into the lives of the American people…

…Already, there are Washington insiders and special interest groups that hope to co-opt the Tea Party’s message and use it to push their own agenda – particularly as it relates to social issues. We are disappointed but not surprised by this development. We recognize the importance of values but believe strongly that those values should be taught by families and our houses of worship and not legislated from Washington, D.C…

Well, how’s about we social conservatives go form a Christian Democrat Party, split the vote and then you more libertarian types can watch as Obama, Pelosi and Reid steal your money and bankrupt the United States in to oblivion. You can then argue all you want in favor of “laser focus” on the issue of economic freedom. Does that suit you?

No? Why not – oh, yeah; you still lose all your money and freedom. Hey, maybe we can’t just have “laser focus” on just one aspect of liberty, that of the economic side? Maybe we should make a little room for that more fundamental freedom, that of people to live their lives as they see fit?

Its all well and good for the fine people at GOProud to want to leave aside the social issues because that means that those of us opposed to gay marriage will have our say. But the pragmatic facts of life are that no one gets anything unless we social conservatives get ours. We won’t just be here to provide votes and donations – we want a bit more than just to be stood in a corner, only to be called upon at election time.

And, in truth, it is absurd to have a “laser focus” on mere economic issues. Part of the reason we have such a bloated, grasping government is because of the disintegration of the family – and the primary culprits in that family disintegration are government subsidies of immoral behavior (especially government efforts which are detrimental to family formation) as well as the erosion of public decency caused by an insistence that “liberty” means “get out there and have as much sex as possible”. The restoration of strong families is the best assurance any libertarian can have that there won’t be a political constituency in favor of Big Government – and this, in turns, means we must have a focus on social issues.

Now, to be sure, while we are on the brink of economic collapse, financial issues must take front and center. We must balance our budget; we must reform our taxes; we must re-create a viable American currency; we must cut back on the way government disrupts wealth creation. But we must also address such issues as family break up, illegitimacy, rampant violence and pornography in popular culture…and, ultimately, any nation which is not in favor of Life is a nation which is doomed to Death.

Political coalitions are, by their nature, the coming together of people with many similarities, but some differences. We on our side recognize that we have allies among those who would prefer to allow gays to marry, or to keep abortion legal. We are fully ready for the debate and for a resolution based upon America’s founding principles – but we are not prepared to do nothing, most importantly because we know that doing nothing on our issues means that even if we get a temporary revival of economic liberty, it will fall anew before Big Government if our social disintegration is not reversed.

UPDATE: The American Catholic points out that you can’t be libertarian without being pro-life.

UPDATE II: Gay Patriot chimes in.