Democrats Press Racial Segregation Bill

There is no other way to describe this – from NRO’s The Corner:

…U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner and Corner regular Peter Kirsanow calls it “the worst piece of proposed legislation ever reviewed by the Commission.” The purpose of the bill is to shore up the Hawaiian government’s ability to discriminate in favor of — and confer special benefits on — those it considers to be “ethnic” Hawaiians. Of course, this would all be to the detriment of Hawaiians of African, Asian, European, or other descent. (How many drops of ethnic blood must one have to be considered an eligible “Native”? The bill doesn’t stipulate, but I am sure there are some old laws from the time of the Confederacy that the “Native” Hawaiian government could use to help make that determination.)

The bill is intended to do an end-run around court decisions and preserve Hawaii’s current practice of conferring government benefits on “Native” Hawaiians, including special home loans and business loans, as well as housing and educational programs…

Hawaii’s Senators – both Democrats – are pressing to have this bill passed in the lame duck session by attaching it to a “must pass” bill. What they are essentially trying to do is pass a law which will judge people entirely by their ethnic background – if you are of the “correct” ancestry, you’ll get benefits no one else gets. This was the basis of the Jim Crow laws of the South – laws designed to ensure that a favored group got preferential treatment by government.

It is disgusting that this would be considered – but entirely in the nature of our modern Democrats who don’t care how lousy a thing is. The only concern here is that Hawaii Democrats maintain their control – and the price of their continued power is to kowtow to the racist ideology of some (but by no means all) people of Hawaiian ancestry. There is no bit of feces Democrats won’t smear all over themselves in order to maintain and expand their power.

And this is just a foretaste of what they want for all of America – they want us all carved up in to groups where if you are in the right group, you’ll get goodies out of the treasury. By playing group off against group and dangling promises of special treatment in front of them, Democrats hope to divide and rule – never caring for a moment if America dies, but only that they remain in charge as long as she lives.