Obamunism! Obama's Oil Policy Killing an Industry

From AP:

Less than a year ago, struggling states and coastal towns saw crude exploration off the Gulf Coast and Atlantic seaboard as economic salvation.

Yet the backlash from the BP oil spill — most recently the Obama administration’s decision this week not to open up some of that area to new drilling — has residents wondering if the industry will ever thrive again in U.S. waters.

Some fear an exodus of oil rigs in search of friendlier waters overseas. And with each passing day, folks that rely on deepwater drilling say the damage is multiplying, creating a ripple affect from blue-collar Main Street to beachside drives. They warn it will only get worse…

Naturally, as this is an MSM story, it has to do something for Obama – so, they talk up how no off shore oil drilling will help tourism; essentially trying to slip in the concept that tourism will get better because of the ban on off shore oil drilling. This is absurd because tourism won’t get any better – at best, it will stay the same. More importantly, tourism cannot replace the production of wealth. A few business well-placed for people to visit the beach will be ok, but unless you have an economy making, mining and growing things, you’ve got nothing…the economic heart is being cut out of the Gulf.

Obama, however, just doesn’t care – he won’t win a single State along the Gulf coast in 2012, knows it, and so is playing up to the environmentalist vote in New York and California. Hard working people can just get stuffed – Obama needs to please well-heeled, environmentally conscious, liberal voters. And that is how Obama’s America works – a place where pure, political calculation to advance a liberal agenda is all that matters.