The Return of "Death Panels"?

Because, if you’re a liberal, you can never get too much death and despair in to your policies:

A pro-life organization that monitors end-of-life issues is worried the infamous “death panels” have been added back into the implication of the controversial ObamaCare health care law…

…Last Monday, The Federal Register (page 73406) published a new funding rule for “voluntary” advance care planning consultations that changes Department of Health and Human Services regulation pertaining to Medicare and Medicaid patients, the group explains.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), headed by rationing advcoate Donald Berwick, finalized its 2011 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and rules implementing key provisions of the ObamaCare law. The final update adopts without change CMS’ proposed elements of the first and subsequent wellness visits; however, CMS added voluntary advance care planning as a new element to these annual visits…

The problem? This may be combined with legislative efforts being pressed by the assisted-suicide people to insert such things in to the health care law. There is a two-pronged effort here – those who want to have, eventually, a single-payer plan know that if they don’t off people before their time the whole system will rapidly go bankrupt. In addition to these bureaucratic merchants of death there are those depraved people who feel that suicide is a reasonable solution to life’s difficulties. A twisted alliance is formed, and they will continue to press their case.

This is why I insist upon no truce in social issues. They, on their side, will never back down. It doesn’t matter what else may happen, those who are determined to destroy Judeo-Christian morality will just keep at it. They do so because they have convinced themselves that it must be done – not that its something you may want, but that it must be done. Personally, I think this stems from people who have gone so far in to immorality that they really think that evil is good – but regardless of what motivates them, they will continue to act as if the fate of the world depended upon the destruction of all that is decent and true.

As I’ve said, for right now economic and fiscal issues must take center stage. If we don’t get our financial house in order, all other American issues become moot. But we can never let up on the social issues – vigilance and, at times, a sharp counter-attack will be necessary just to maintain the status quo while we get our finances in order.