Is Palin Electable?

Another must read article for you, guys and gals; from David Solway over at Pajamas Media and it concludes thus:

…But is Palin electable? The next two years will determine whether she will be able to counter the slanderous media campaign against her candidacy and her competence, and so convince enough people that she has the right stuff to lead the country in perhaps its most perilous historical moment since the Civil War. Clearly, she suffers more than her share of antagonists among the megabuck left and their myriad satellites, Ivy League academics, mainstream journalists, public intellectuals, union impresarios and henchmen, and the entitlement-addicted segment of the public. They are terrified of her. She even has the panjandrums in the Republican old guard shaking in their Guccis.

As Victor Volsky writes in American Thinker, “in the eyes of the political/cultural aristocracy, [Palin] is the embodiment of its worst nightmare: the revolt of the masses against their masters.” …

Any political pundit worth his salt will tell you – her negatives are just terrible. While she’s been greatly rehabilitated over the past two years (especially as Obama has proven such an astounding failure), there is still a large reservoir of distrust among Independents, and many qualms among Republicans, as well. Taking a look at it with a cool, realistic eye, one finds the obstacles to her being elected President nearly insurmountable. But, then again, “nearly” isn’t “absolutely”.

Palin’s greatest strength is the perception among her legions of supporters that she is “one of us”. That she knows how the middle class lives; that she knows what it is like to not have enough money for everything you want; that she knows how money is made; that she knows how hard it is to raise decent kids when the entirety of popular culture is bent on corrupting them. Palin in the White House means a middle class person can sleep soundly at night – any decision made will be in tune with what any other middle class person would want.

Palin’s greatest weakness is that she’s hated with a white hot passion – even in the worst attacks on President Bush, I’ve never seen the sort of vitriol which has been directed at Palin. Compared to Palin, Reagan got kid glove treatment from the MSM and the left. Of course, being despised by despicable people isn’t dishonorable – but the level of intense hatred which will be directed at her should she run does stand a chance of turning people off, altogether…it won’t get them to love the idea of re-electing Obama, but it might get them to hate the idea of Palin as President, thus handing the election to Obama.

For Palin to win, she needs to maintain her grip on her core supporters while deftly refuting the attacks from the Palin haters. I don’t know how she does this – if I did know how, I’d write it up and offer it to her in a neat, little package. I’d do it because I’d be delighted to have someone in the White House who is utterly despised by all those forces – including some in the GOP – who are working for the destruction of the United States. All those forces who simply want to keep what they’ve got and grab for more and America can get stuffed, for all they care. Palin in the White House means having someone in there who owes absolutely nothing to the financial and political elite who have wrecked this nation…and thus we’d have someone in there who would happily do battle against them.

We’ll see if she can pull it off – she’s certainly got the courage; she’s vastly smarter than her critics (stories that Obama is an intellectual and Palin isn’t have it just about exactly backwards – Obama has credentials, Palin has an education); and she’s also lucky in that her opponents are the mere rearguards of a dying elite…the dregs of a failed ruling class…in other words, people you can run rings around if you just use a bit of care in your words and actions.

If she electable? Only Palin can answer that question.