The Problem With Fighting Liberalism

Roger Simon over at The Tattler really hits the nail on the head:

One of the problems that conservatives have in attacking liberals is that liberalism doesn’t really exist. There’s no there there. It’s simply a masquerade for greed – a bunch of phony precepts no one really believes that are mouthed in order to get on unmolested with the business of material acquisition. Hollywood is a great example of this. So is Marin county, as shown in John Rosenberg’s PJM piece this morning on the county’s minority problem. A spinoff aspect of this is that when you attack phony pieties your adversary doesn’t really care. It’s only about cosmetics. Fix the cosmetics and you move on. They win by akido.

I’d separate it out a little bit – a good deal of the rank-and-file of liberalism really believes it. Think of the number of times I’ve tried to explain to our liberals that “tax the rich” rhetoric from liberal leaders never amounts to taxing rich liberals. I try to explain to them that the real rich – those with billions of dollars Pelosi says she wants to tax – skate on all liberal, Democrat tax proposals. Why? Because being a liberal means being in charge and being wealthy and never having to look back. And yet the rank-and-file times keep swallowing what the leadership vends.

They have fastened themselves upon us – and it will be hard to get them out, but we can do it. Mostly be de-funding them (they mostly get and remain rich off the taxpayer’s dime, in one form or another); but we can do it.