Poll: 68% Prefer Lower Taxes, Less Services

As we head in to the crucial – as in, “this is crucial to the fate of our nation” – debate over raising the debt ceiling, this new Rasmussen Survey should be taken to heart by all Republicans:

…The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 68% of Likely Voters prefer a government with fewer services and lower taxes rather than a more active one with more services and higher taxes. This is virtually identical to last month and consistent with findings since September…

We hold the advantage in this debate. Obama will give his SOTU tomorrow and he’ll try to dangle government goodies in front of people as a means of deflect everyone away from the necessary budget cuts. Democrats and their MSM lap dogs will be on and on over the next few weeks that any cut, any where, will result in granny having to eat dog food. The whole force of the Ruling Class – including many alleged Republicans and conservatives – will be brought to bear on one issue: getting the debt limit raised without any fundamental cuts or budget reform. The hope of these people is that if they can deflect it in 2011, then by 2012 the GOP can be re-captured by the Establishment and all can go on as before. We daren’t let them do this.

Now is the time for the GOP to recapture the spirit which created the Republican party in the 1850’s. We are the party of the people – what Democrat Stephen Douglas once called the “small fisted farmers, mudsills and greasy mechanics” who simply didn’t understand the nuances of politics (back then the “nuance” had to do with protecting slavery; these days, its about protecting things like abortion, bankers and government unions…the more things change…). Here is a our great chance to recover our name and make the Republican party the party of free men, the party of the Great Republic.

So, don’t blow it – stand firm; resist all attempts to steam roller us in to going along. The people are on our side – as long as we stay on theirs.