Obama's Defeat Will Be America's Victory

David Solway, a Canadian and therefor beyond reproach as far as American liberals are concerned, chimes in:

…it is hard to resist the conclusion that Barack Obama is nothing short of a national catastrophe, surely the worst presidential blight to fall on the U.S. since the woeful Jimmy Carter and probably as far back as Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce or John Tyler — take your pick. Many if not most American presidents, it must be admitted, with only a minim of illustrious exceptions, were flat-out second-raters. True, this is par for the course for the majority of political leaders around the world, but Obama is a special case. His evident failings of character and insight might be bearable in a comparatively less hazardous epoch, but in a time of looming insolvency and market collapse, the demographic incursion of extremist elements into the social fabric, aka “stealth jihad,” the advancing might of rejuvenated autocracies, an exploding Middle East and the nuclearization of rogue nations, Obama is quite simply the worst possible president at the worst possible time…

Solway goes on to paint a pretty bleak picture of our nation – that we are divided and, unless we change course, doomed. One shouldn’t worry too much along those lines. All nations are destined to greatness or doomed to fall, depending on how the people of the nation behave. America is no more doomed that China was doomed in the 18th century; no more destined to greatness in 2011 than we were in 1811. What we decide to do will tell the tale.

But there is this – the central choice to make, the factor which will stand largest in our fate for the next 100 years, is what we do about President Obama in 2012. If we re-elect him, it could prove catastrophic – if we defeat him, then we will have made a choice to restore American greatness. This isn’t about Obama, the man. As a man, Obama is just a fool entirely out of his depth – you could replace him with any one or a hundred similar fools in the Democrat party and get the exact same result. But Obama symbolizes both American decline and an American unwillingness to confront reality.

Only a nation in decline would entrust its fate to a man unknown as Obama was in 2008. Only a nation in decline would listen to the inane speeches of Obama in 2008 and then award him a majority of vote. But we went right ahead and did just that – challenged heavily by President Bush to assume the burden of fixing ourselves (with Social Security reform) and fixing the world (via a campaign for liberty around the world), we flubbed it – we proved ourselves unwilling to stick to it for any length of time. We turned to man who offered us sweet words which all amounted to “you don’t have to exert yourself”. We didn’t want to do hard things, and so chose a man who offered to get us off the hook – he would talk the enemy in to loving us, and spread the wealth around so that we wouldn’t have to work hard.

On the other hand, the stunning results of 2010 – and they really are stunning; everyone is trying to downplay them, but they were an historic and unprecedented loss for the party in power – show that at least a large portion of the population has awoken to our peril. There is a growing sense that we must do the hard things; that we must get back to work; that there is no free ride…and that in a hard world filled with enemies, a sharp sword is necessary. No one, back on January 20th, 2009, could have envisioned what happened this past November. All experience of politics, all reviews of historical precedent, argued for a continuing liberal, Democrat dominance of the United States, at least until 2012, and probably until 2014 or later. The turn around was dramatic and it augurs well for America’s future.

What will it be, now? Will we continue the awakening and recover our national purpose in 2012? Or will we fade away, already exhausted by half-finished efforts? I have to say, I don’t know – my faith in God and in the genius of our Founders tells me that revival is possible. My sense of what is happening, at bottom, in the Democrat party informs me that they are crumbling away, and one strong push can finish them. Liberalism is a failure – and a bane; and I think people realize it. But will we have enough spirit to press forward? Only time will tell.