Another Black Conservative, Another Vile, Racist Attack From the Left

From AlterNet:

In the immortal words of Megatron in Transformers: The Movie, Herman Cain’s speech at CPAC really is bad comedy. As you know, I find black garbage pail kids black conservatives fascinating not because of what they believe, but rather because of how they entertain and perform for their White Conservative masters…

…Herman Cain’s shtick is a version of race minstrelsy where he performs “authentic negritude” as wish fulfillment for White Conservative fantasies. Like the fountain at Lourdes, Cain in his designated role as black Conservative mascot, absolves the White racial reactionaries at CPAC of their sins. This is a refined performance that Black Conservatives have perfected over many decades and centuries of practice…

If you decide to subject yourself to the whole article, you’ll note that not even once does the author attack Cain on his positions – the entire attack is upon him. He is considered not really black because he’s a black man who is conservative…and thus he’s just a Tom, playing up to the Honkey in hopes of getting some crumbs from his master’s table…the fact that Cain is a fabulously wealthy businessman who doesn’t need to get anything from anyone isn’t even mentioned. In fact, nothing which is relevant or true about Cain is brought up, because to do so would entirely explode the leftist myths about race in America.

That myth has it that nothing but unrelieved evil has been perpetrated on black people; that while people (except those who are properly liberal, of course) are inherently racist; that our society deliberately holds down black people; that the only way a black man can get ahead is via government subsidy…or, in the case of a man like Cain, by being a toady to Whitey. If you actually present the real Herman Cain to America, then all that is shown to be false. And, so, the attempts to slander him, and all those he associates with.

They are deathly afraid, my friends. Our liberals are scared to death that in people like Herman Cain and Allen West and Tim Scott. They are afraid of the large number of black people who ran as Republicans in 2010. They are afraid that the liberal grip on the black vote is slipping – knowing as they do that if even 20% of black voters switch to the GOP, it will be a disaster for liberalism. They had thought that the election of Barack Obama had sealed their power for a generation – now they worry that his victory was a fluke, and liberalism is doomed. And so they attack in the most hateful and nasty ways.

Endure it. Listen to it so that you know where you stand and what you’re fighting against, but pay no real heed to it. The last shrieks of the defeated hold no terrors for the victors.