Why Are Liberals So Mad About Wisconsin?

Well, because if we win there, the left loses everywhere – from Politico:

…If Walker, who is trying to curb collective-bargaining rights, and Christie, who is attempting to overhaul teacher tenure, manage to succeed, they’ll only embolden their counterparts elsewhere — and potentially do grave damage to what is one of the Democrats’ most important financial and grass-roots constituencies. Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, among other Republicans, are watching carefully, bracing for similar showdowns.

Much of the attention in Wisconsin is devoted to Walker’s proposal to strip state employees of the right to bargain collectively for anything besides their pay and to make them pay more for their health care and pensions.

Yet another element of the legislation could have even greater political consequences. The Republican would end the automatic deduction from their workers paychecks and make the unions collect the dues themselves, a move that would almost surely result in less cash flowing into labor coffers. It would block unions from collecting money from consenting wokers’ paychecks for political operations, and it would force annual elections on whether state workers even want a union, a lethal threat to public-sector labor…

And that, my friends, is what this is really about for the left – raw, political power. Remember, if this law is not passed, 10 to 12,000 public sector employees could be laid off. Wisconsin kids are losing many days of education. The unions are suffering a public relations catastrophe over this. So, why are they keeping it up? Because if the public sector unions lose their ability to game the political system, the jig is up for Democrat party and the larger political left – there will be, at that point, no large, powerful interest group determined to defend Big Government…the whole reason for existence for the Democrat party would evaporate, and the political left would have few means remaining to insert leftist dogma in to America via back room deals and regulatory fiat.

They will fight this tooth and nail – if they fail in Wisconsin, they’ll just carry it on elsewhere. They’ll force Obama to defend them. They just won’t quit, because they can’t. This is the Ruling Class at bay, and they won’t go quietly.

Of course this is also our grand opportunity – our chance, and maybe our only chance, to really kick out the support for Big Government. This is our chance to change the dynamic from an endlessly expanding government to a continually shrinking government. The future, as far as I can see it, looks good right now.

UPDATE: And when I say they’re mad, I mean they are really mad. Unfortunately, they are stupid, too…as these dimwitted yet angry posters show.