Out and About on a Wednesday Morning

More pressure on Senator Ensign to quit.

Can individuals sue to stop federal actions on 10th amendment grounds? The Supreme Court will decide.

California’s teacher pension system is bankrupt. As we keep telling you liberals, you can’t just keep spending forever.

A rather slow motion yet rapidly spreading run on the banks in Korea. Fuse lit for the next financial crash? Time will tell.

Is the National Association of Realtors putting out bogus home sales data? Could be they are over-stating sales in 2010 by 20%.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, NARAL founder but eventual convert to Catholicism and Life, has died. The healing power of Christ was exhibited in Nathanson’s life – a life which went from lying for abortion “rights” (and many of the lies Nathanson invented to advance abortion are still used by the pro-aborts to this day) to telling the truth for life.

Coptic Christians call for a secular Egypt. I hope they get it, but I don’t think they will. The ultimate resolution may require a partition of Egypt as there has been with Sudan…allow the Jihadist lunatics to have their own country to wreck, let all the non-Moslems form a rational, civilized State.